The 6” bench grinder has several safety features:

 -Spark guards to protect hands face and clothing from flying sparks when you’re working with metal. This spark guard slides within 1/16” from the grinding wheel to minimize flying sparks

-Eye shields.

These plexiglass shields extend away from the grinding wheel over the work area to protect your face and the grinding area from sparks and/or debris

 -Work lights.

3 Bulbs LED light with independent switch



The grinder also features dual grinding wheels so that you can have one hard stone and a softer stone on the other wheel for different applications. The grinding stones are easily changed out and can be replaced with other grinding stones or with buffing or polishing stones. The grinder also comes with a plastic quench tray that mounts on the tool next to the grinding area so you can quickly and easily dip your tool into the water so it doesn’t overheat. From sharpening tools to polishing jewelry, this tool can do it all.